Katia genuinely loves life and humans and wants you to discover every facet of a happy fulfilled life. Her ultimate mission is to create the world of happy empowered people who do what they love and love what they do.

Katia knows anything is possible and will support you in creating an active result-oriented life attitude in which you also enjoy the process. Having lived near a Thai templed for 2 years she studied directly from the monks about how the mind works. She has done 4 different styles of meditation retreats (Dhammakaya, Goenka vipassana, Osho satori, Wat Tamwua vipassana), has practiced yoga in Rishikesh and Mysore in India, is certified in 4 levels Thai massage and laughter yoga leader. As NLP practitioner and extensive meditator and yogi, Katia knows everything about mind traps and limiting beliefs and will teach you how to get out of them.

She has manifested everything she desired into her life - becoming a published author, traveling to 35 countries, teaching mindfulness in 14 of them, becoming fluent in Mandarin Chinese, living an ascetic life near a cave in Ukraine, organizing and facilitating over 20 yoga and meditation retreats. She knows what it's like to follow her heart's joy and wants to teach you this skill.
Happiness is a skill you will learn with Katia.
I help you thrive in doing what you love
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