I help you thrive in doing what you love
Having gone through loss of a loved one, I learnt to meditate and when the war in Ukraine started, meditation kept me sane.

Believe me, I know how to organize thoughts and I can totally support you in this. Especially in the midst of chaos.

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Why trust me?
I care and I know you CAN and WILL be the creator of your reality. I support you in focusing on what you want.

I have studied meditation with Thai monks for 2 years, and then also vipassana, Osho, yoga in India and everything I could practice.

Thousands meditate with me on Moonly app, Mindvalley and Meditate in Ukrainian.

I am certified in NLP and graduated Tony Robbins Mastery University, world's top school for personal development.
What I can help you with?
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Remeber - only you decide how bright you shine!