Allow yourself to receive what you want. With ease.
Coaching is for you if
  • 1
    You feel stuck
    I gently ask you questions to help you see the solution.
  • 2
    You know you want change
    I support you in your desires. Desires are sacred.
  • 3
    You don't know where to start
    I help you kickstart the process and act for the life you want.
  • 4
    You feel overwhelmed
    I ask, you speak, I listen, you answer. When you word your problems, the next step becomes clear.
  • 5
    Deep down you know you deserve a better life
    I know this too. I am here to support you and your dreams.
  • 6
    You are open to change and guidance
    Most importantly, trust yourself and be open to change - you have the answers inside. I got the rest.
About me
Hi, I'm Katia. I help people understand what they love and how to get it.
When you find clarity in your thoughts, you find power to act for what you want.
I am here to support you.
Happy people coached by me
You've opened my eyes to the idea that I can do not one, but two things at the same time that bring me money and none of them has to be a 9-to-5! Thank you for that
Thank you so much for your help… Now I am analyzing all the questions you have asked me and connecting all the dots. I feel like I can see the light in the end of the tunnel.
Since I've moved into Valparaíso I haven't got an official work, and in order to make friends I started to do free English classes for the community, not many people respond to the call, but I go there on Mondays and I have been there 3 month already. All this for fun, then someone knowing I was giving classes, ask me if I charged for it, and so I started doing particular classes, with time more people ask me for classes, and the voice of me being a tutor, is giving me incomes. Well, here is where I come to you, I remember our retreat in Ukraine, when I told you that I could live and being paid by doing classes. I thought at something impossible by then, 2019, 2 years ago, and now is actually happening.
I had never had a life coach session before chatting with Katia. At the beginning, I was a little apprehensive as I did not know what to expect but towards the end of our session I realised that she had guided me to see so much clarity and possibility in what I had perceived as a problem.

I shared my situation and desires with her and she helped me make a list of criteria and set goals for myself.

I had never thought of working towards my goals in such a way before, by setting achievable daily and weekly targets.

I think accountability is very important when working towards a goal and this is what Katia is here for.

She is supportive and calm in her approach and such a delight to chat with. She genuinely cares and manages to create a safe, authentic space. She is amazing at what she does.
It's when you spend so much time trying to deal with problem and find solution, but no result. So, in this situation I felt I need outside push or magic kick. It's were I thought that coaching session with Katia might help. I really didn't expect discussion of my problem and fears to be so positive and joyful. Katia is so supporting, she has faith in me and what I do, she helps me to build my confidence. Katia asked me the right questions to figure out my fears and helped me find ways to deal with it. During the session we also defined my goals and made list of tasks to get there.
Thank you so much, Katia.
After 2 hours of coaching with Katia I

  1. Realised that all my desires (even the trivial ones) can be achieved

  2. Clearly understood that for the past couple of years at work I have been focused on the desires of others and gave away the responsibility to them (the people who 'know me better' and 'who wish me well') I have deprived myself of choice and looking for my own unique way.

  3. Have accepted the responsibility for my decisions (some of them were mistakes, but they were my mistakes)

  4. Have created a strategy of future actions and I know I will adjust the plan as I go.
For all of those stuck in your life and wondering where to put your next step and whether it is the right direction, I am happy to suggest a coaching session with Katia. She is very intuitive and supportive in helping you find the right answer to your questions and help you understand what it is that you really want and need. I found it very useful for myself and highly recommend to anyone looking for an external guidance. Peace!
Dear Katya, thank you so much for this intensive and incredible life coaching session. Now I do realize that coaching itself requires a lot of patience, understanding, feeling a person and most importantly asking the right questions. The questions we never ask ourselves since we keep thinking about the same thoughts over and over again. I have no clue how you could do that but the questions you asked me absolutely blew my mind making me look at the situation from a completely different angle. Now I see that there are so many ways of solving any problem so you just have to look out of the box. I am also incredibly grateful for charging me with such a great energy so I really started doing something to achieve my goals right now. Thank you for your wisdom, wonderful sense of humor, infinitive love to people.
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Transformational coaching
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You set a big goal. We break it into small steps. I ask you questions, we set milestones. You take your steps. You have resistance, but we meet weekly/fortnightly and I hold you accountable. At the same time you transform your beliefs - as a result you are never the same
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Don't know what you want?
Is it frustrating, because you don't have a goal to work on?
You don't clearly imagine your future?
Are you even allowed to want something? (hint - YES!)
You are not sure what your gifts and skills are and what to share with the world?

No worries, I got you.
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Remeber - only you decide how bright you shine!