Happiness habits yoga camp in Ukrainian mountains, September 3-8, 2020


This event is for you if you are ready to

Let go
let go of the limiting beliefs that don't serve you anymore
relaxing tour
go out of your comfort zone and practice some mind-blowing techniques
be happy tour
Be happy
find out what makes you happy and make an effort for your happiness
Suitable for all levels. If you practice yoga and personal development or have never practiced, you are welcome to join.
These five days in the mountains will turn your world upside down. The practice will help you relax into who you really are and discover what makes you happy. You will create your own Happiness Toolkit to bring back home and use in your daily life. You will learn how to be happy and resourceful in any life situation.
By the end of this program you will
  • Have practical knowledge of happiness and self-care habits
    • yoga asana and yoga nidra
    • daily laughter
    • improvisation
    • EFT
    • dynamic meditations
    • self-massage

  • Know at least one thing you want from life badly and have a plan how to get it
  • Will choose one happiness habit which suits you and commit to one month of practicing it and weekly accountability report in a group chat
  • Will be relaxed and ready to let go of feeling overwhelmed in your daily life
    • know how to master your mind and get what you want

Program features

Learn to be happy no matter what. Experience true joy and bring it back to you everyday life.
Sunrise and sunset yoga / dynamic meditation that will keep you energised and active throughout the day. You will learn safe and easy techniques to take care of your body with love.
Happiness workshops
Letting go, goal-setting, Happiness Toolkit and Master your mind - we shall dedicate one full day to each of these topics, to work through them fully.
Graititude Circle
We shall end every day with a 'Gratitude circle' to summarise things you are most grateful for and amplify abundance in your life
Journaling to reflect on yourself and discover your creative power.
Mandala drawing to connect and relax while expressing yourself fully.

Self-massage and tapping so that you can learn to relax in any life situation with no help from the outside
As a bonus you can take part in optional meditation session before sleep.
      Our Venue
      Govardhan is a cozy family ecohotel. It is a beautiful house made of wood and natural materials with big windows and mountain views.
      You can drink water from the tap, eat local dishes, walk barefoot, lie on the grass or in the hammock, and breathe fresh Carpathian air to the fullest.
      Being surrounded by warm Ukrainian welcome and peaceful green nature in this place literally recharges one's "batteries".

      Our team
      • Aelita Krasnoperova
        Project manager
        Aelita is the main coordinator in organization of our mindful retreats in Ukraine. She books our breath-taking locations and supports you with logistics. Aelita takes care of every small detail before and during the program to make you feel at home in Ukraine.

        Aelita loves hiking, alpinism and speleology. She adores nature, mountains, forest and the sky and spends a lot of time outdoors. She has visited over 20 caves in 5 countries and is an instructor in the Ukrainian Atlantida cave . Last year she climbed a 5034 meters high Kazbek mountain in Georgia.

        Her first spiritual experience began with a Ukrainian personal development festival Nipata. There she met the creator of Zen Time festival and coorganized it with her two years in a row. Since then she has been meeting spiritual people on her path, and bumped into Katia in the Atlantida Speleology Club.
        They instantly became friends and started Dreamhatha project together, to create nourishing holidays for people from around the world and show them Ukraine the way they love it.

        Aelita will take you for mountain walks during the event and show you the best hidden-away parts of Ukraine. She wants to live in the world of happy empowered people and is actively promoting such lifestyle through the events she organizes.

      • Katia Kulyk
        Happiness coach and yoga teacher
        Katia genuinely loves life and humans and wants you to discover every facet of a happy fulfilled life. Her ultimate mission is to create the world of happy empowered people who do what they love and love what they do.

        Katia knows anything is possible and will support you in creating an active result-oriented life attitude in which you also enjoy the process. Having lived near a Thai templed for 2 years she studied directly from the monks about how the mind works. She has done 4 different styles of meditation retreats (Dhammakaya, Goenka vipassana, Osho satori, Wat Tamwua vipassana), has practiced yoga in Rishikesh and Mysore in India, is certified in 4 levels Thai massage and laughter yoga leader. As NLP practitioner and extensive meditator and yogi, Katia knows everything about mind traps and limiting beliefs and will teach you how to get out of them.

        She has manifested everything she desired into her life - becoming a published author, traveling to 35 countries, teaching mindfulness in 14 of them, becoming fluent in Mandarin Chinese, living an ascetic life near a cave in Ukraine, organizing and facilitating over 20 yoga and meditation retreats. She knows what it's like to follow her heart's joy and wants to teach you this skill.
        Happiness is a skill you will learn with Katia.

      When is the time to change your life if not now?
      440 €
      7500 UAH

      What is included
      • Accomodation at Govardhan
      • 2 vegetarian homemade meals a day
      • transfer from Volovets railway station and back
      • training program (10 yoga classes, 5 happiness workshops, trekking in the mountains)
      • 1 month group chat support after the event + 1 online coaching
      Not included:
      • Flight to Ukraine (fly to Lviv or Kyiv)
      • Train ticket to Volovets (we shall support you in finding and booking suitable tickets)
      • Personal expenses

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      Our clients love us
      • Affordable and down to earth retreat offering a wide variety of yoga, meditation and self-development sessions. Knowledgeable teacher and great organization, amazing healthy food and mountain view! Totally recommended!
      • So happy to have been a part of your retreat! Looking forward for the next one! Thank you for all the mindfulness activities!
      • Difficult to say ONE reason, I guess the opportunity to relax and learn in that environment. The Carpathian mountains sounded like a lot nature and a remote place, this is why I convinced my friend to join, and I was so right!
      Feel free to contact us
      Getting there
      You can fly to Lviv or Kyiv and take a train to Volovets. From there, Dreamhatha shall pick you up on July 1. Dreamhatha can support you with links and selections of the best train connection to Volovets.
      Ukrainian village Podobovets in Zakarpatska region is a picturesque beautiful place.
      Phone: +38 098 311 96 39
      E-mail: team@dreamhatha.com