Senses. Dreams. Actions
Zoom workshop, January 2, 2022

Set the goals for 2022 you WILL follow through with.

Our event is for you if you
  • Want to live 2022 deliberately, intentionally, and on purpose
  • Understand that all our words, actions and results start with thoughts
  • Want to set intentions for the upcoming year in a circle of growth-oriented people
Suitable for anyone with an open mind. Let's play!
During these two hours on Zoom you shall have time to think and feel what you really want and create a specific step-by-step strategy of getting it.

By the end of this program you will
  • Have a list of YOUR wishes and desires in 6 areas of life and create a vision for your life in 2022

  • Have 3 action steps towards creating your 2022

  • Know at least one goal you shall achieve in 2022 and have the confidence about it

  • Have chosen your special word for 2022

What shall we do?

Create space for your intentions through senses, words and follow up actions
Connect to ourselves through our five senses using the aroma and mandala from the kit we send you, and hot tea, beautiful music and self-massage

Celebrate 2021
Celebrate your achievements and wins of 2021 so that you notice how much you have done!

Speed write wishes for 2022
Speed write all of your wishes and desires in 6 areas of life so that you allow yourself to ask for more
Create momentum
Find 3 most important outcomes you can act on right away and create 3 action steps for January 3, 4 and 5 to create the momentum

Word of the year 2022
Choose your word of the year to allow you to keep focus on what's important

Have fun!
Laugh and dance so that you feel great about 2021 and all the things you will create this upcoming year.
1. You will receive a powerful mandala to visualize your word of the year and wild orange aroma to manifest abundance.

2. You will be able to use the printable workbook in the same way to plan each month of 2022.

Who will guide the workshop?
  • Katia Kulyk
    life coach and meditation guide
    I am certified in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), meditation guidance, laughter yoga and Thai massage.
    I know a million paths towards joy and will be happy to inspire you to find your own.
    I have lived in Thailand for 2,5 years
    and studied meditation with buddhist monks.
    I have taught meditation and retreats in 14 countries around the world.
    My intention for 2022 is to create more celebration in life inside and around me.
  • Antonia Komitova
    Carer for health and freedom
    I am truly interested in finding solutions for health, wellbeing and prosperity.
    I use essential oils as an instrument to explore areas such as children's health, emotional wellbeing and women's health.
    I have been learning and sharing my experiences in the field of essentials oils for the past 8 years. What makes me very happy is to guide you through discovering the healer inside.
    I am a mother of two boys. I am working with a beautiful team of people to create more health and prosperity, more caring and connection.
    My intention for 2022 is to let our hearts lead us more and to have a cleaner planet.
Where? Zoom online
When? January 2, 17.00 Kyiv/Sofia time

"Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life."
Robin S. Sharma
invite a friend and get in for 33 Euro per person - pay here

What is included
  • Guided intention and goal setting exercises from Katia
  • Printable Workbook
  • 20 drops of wild orange aroma and manifestation mandala from Antonia we shall send you over mail
  • Zoom link

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