Meditate on zoom with monk pasura on 18th April 10AM UTC+3 (Vilnus time)

Earth Day meditation

Have you ever wondered
How our mind works?

Why some people are happier than others?

How to increase that authentic true sense of happiness and shine from within?

How to clear your mind from overwhelming thoughts and find clarity?

How to build healthy habits and sustain them in every day routine?

How to feel deeply at peace regardless of the outer world situations?

Join us for meditation on April 18th 10AM Vilnus time

Our event is for you if
  • You wish to try meditating
    Practice meditation with monk Pasura from Thailand
  • Want to learn how to make meditation a regular practice
    We will tell you how meditation and the mind works and how to incorporate this practice into your daily life
  • Want to meet a Thai monk and ask him a question
    on April 18th you shall meet monk Pasura from Thailand who has taught meditation around the world and you can ask him anything you wish. Take your chance.
This event is suitable for all levels. If you have never meditated or have a regular practice, join us.
Why meditation?
  • You don't need anything except for your own attention and a quiet place
  • Helps you release stress, insomnia and improves immunity
  • It is the most powerful instrument to guide your awareness
  • Meditation changes your neural connections
  • Learn to focus before someone else gets in control of your attention
  • When we grow in our mindset, we help our planet and create balance in life
Monk Pasura
Thai monk
LP Pasura, a.k.a Monk Pasura who once was hotel manager, flight attendant and a DJ, has chosen the life of Theravada monk since 2006. Before becoming a monk, he studied humanities at Ramkhamhaeng University. He has traveled extensively both as a monk and a layperson. He organized several dozens of ceremonies and events in many countries such as Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and etc. whereas up to 20,000 people attending. He serves as chief of international relations division of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Temple and Vice President of World Buddhist Sangha Youth (WBSY). He represented his organization and spoke in many Buddhist and non-Buddhist conferences held in many countries. He also conducting more than 1,000 meditation workshops, courses and retreats in more than 50 countries to people with diverse backgrounds of beliefs.
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