Support Ukraine
  • Daily peace meditations on Zoom with Katia 10AM /7PM Kyiv time
    I will be here as long as we have electricity and internet.
    Check your timezone on timebuddy
    copy link here if you want to forward to friends -
  • Meditations for peace from French friends - 6.30 AM Paris time - join here 
    друзі українці - доєднуйтесь. вони хочуть почути від нас, що тут робиться
  • support our army. they are giving their lives to protect Ukraine and the whole world
  • National bank of Ukraine account for humanitarian support - here 
    Not only our soldiers, but also our children and animals are being killed. babies are in shelters without food for days. everyone is engaged to help, but we still need all the support possible. Thank you
  • Save life in UA - charity fund Come back alive for Ukrainian soldiers 
  • Support me, my family and friends here
    We shall use this money for our family and the people who come here to hide.

    If you send more than we need - I will donate to small charities that stopped getting donations because of war.
    I will pay 5% tax and 2.7 % transfer fee for this.
    If you want to donate to Armed Forces or humaniarian aid, don't send it here, check links below or ask me for links.
    Thank you!
  • Join a protest in your country
  • Get truthful updates on Ukraine here in 9 languages - please help us spread the word 
  • If you are a student - learn here how to stop WWIII and spread the word 
  • Support DDos attacks of Russian websites - open this website running from your device
    you can help disable RU disinformation websites 
    Підтримайте DDoS атаки і покладіть російські сайти - відкрийте це посилання на своєму компютері 
  • My video about history of Russian attack since 2014 - I finished editing it 3 hours before the war
  • For American friends - how you can help 
    Make it simple, if you are a U.S. citizen, use this website to direct your comments to your elected leaders regarding how the USA should support Ukraine NOW. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
    1) Urgent maximal military supplies to allow Ukrainians to defend themselves, including Stingers, man pads, ammunition, drones
    2) Urgent economic/financial/energy sanctions against all the Central Bank of Russia (CBR), Russia banks, state owned enterprises
    3) Pursue war crimes of Putin, his targeting of orphanages, kindergartens and residential buildings
    4) Personal sanctions broad and deep against Putin, his Cabinet members, his Duma members, his National Security Council members and all their families -- no visas, no universities, no hidden townhomes, villas, yachts
    5) No use of U.S. airspace, no Aeroflot landing rights
    6) Ban social media platforms from running ads or monetizing Russian state disinformation channels, remove licenses for Russian state media to operate in the USA
    5) Financial aid for Ukraine to maintain its economy in the face of Russian attempts to strangle it
    6) Humanitarian aid for those refugees crossing the border in search of safety and for those residents staying in Ukraine
    Sean Penn:" ...Ukraine is the top of the spear for the democratic embrace of dreams. If we allow it to fight alone, our soul as America is lost."
  • Медитуй українською - медитація люблячої доброти для України та інші практики - діліться з рідними, хто онлайн і потребує спокою.
    Медитуйте в безпеці - важливо щоб поруч був хтось хто не медитує і моніторить ситуацію.
    Підтримка від інших медитаторів та поговорити з терапевтом від Mindist 
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