Self-care calendar 2023
by Meditate in Ukrainian
11 habits that make your life better

countdown to 2023
The most beautiful calendar 2023 for the most important human in your life.

Everything we create starts from within.

Create yourself from within by cultivating a new habit every month. Take care of yourself.

Inspire your loved ones.
Change the world inside and outside.

Only you decide how bright you shine.

the calendar on the photo is in Ukrainian, but you will get a printable PDF in English

Meditate and practice self-care
because your Universe starts inside you
  • because
    self-care is the most important habit of all
  • self-care
    helps you care about the world around you
  • self-care
    is caring for your loved ones
  • managing your own thoughts
    means managing your own life
What's inside?
A new habit every month
and a simple way of putting it into practice
a monthly meditation
will appear in the beginning of the month
Quote of the month
that will inspire your to follow your habit
New moon, Full moon, Solstice and Equinox
so that you can follow natural rhythms
illustrations by Albina Kolesnichenko
just incredible. they will keep you warm in the darkest of nights
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"I came up with this calendar so that we can feel warmer this winter.
In 2012 I lost a loved one to death and meditation really helped me heal.
in 2022 the war traumatised us all and I have a hope that creating such goodness will support all Ukrainians and those who stand for values of freedom and growth."

Calendar was created by awesome women Katia Kulyk, Albina Kolesnichenko and Anna Krush

Катя Кулик
Медитуй українською