Magic meditations library

feel at home inside yourself.
the practices you will WANt to meditate with
from Katia kulyk

When in 2012 my partner died I was lost and disoriented. One day at work the sun shone on my face and I remembered about meditation - it changed my mind and brought me back to life. Since then I promote and share it with everyone I meet.

When on February 24 I woke up to the news of the war, I knew I had to meditate. Everyone I loved was in danger, everything was uncertain, but for 100 days in a row I gathered friends online at 10AM and 7PM, and it gave me life and certainty. It gave loving kindness to Ukraine, my home.

I know meditation is magic.
I know my voice is streaming the magic.
If you too love my voice, join the magic.
Magic meditations library is for you
if you
  • want to ENJOY meditation
    my voice+beautiful background music guide you through your subconscious , you create and process feelings within, you feel happy and at peace.
  • If you don't like commitments and want to be flexible with your practice
    online meditation is here for you 24/7. You choose the space and time to practice
  • If you don't like to be pushed
    no pushing, only loving
  • If you are tired of doing and want to BE
    these meditations will not be your TO DO list, they will be a refuge for your soul, a home where you are allowed to feel all your feelings
  • If you like variety of techniques and want every meditation to be an adventure you choose
    when you enter the library, you are invited to read through meditation names and choose what resonates with you at the moment - flow, free soul
  • 44 meditations

    you will get 20 meditations instantly and 24 more during the year
  • 22 a month

    when I open sale again in 2023, the library will be at 22 € monthly subscription (and more exciting offers are being created now)
What's inside?

❤ These meditations are meant to work with various feelings/states and take you on a subconscious healing journey.

❤ Currently there are 20 meditations inside, and I will add 2-3 every month and in one year there will be 44+

❤ Inside you find Katia Kulyk's voice, background music and magic.

❤ To be listened in a safe comfortable space with your eyes closed.

❤ Every month we will have a live Zoom calll for Full moon - to meditate and set intentions together

❤ I will offer a meditation+coaching package, if you need accountability and support

Abundance meditation
30:30 min
Grieving meditation
26:27 min
Grounding light
12:48 min

Why meditation?

Meditation changes your state from within. When you feel your feelings you are alive. When you learn to create your feelings - you are a master of life.
Improve your focus
Meditation increases your productivity and improves memory.
Learn to relax whenever you want to
Meditation increases happiness levels and decreases anxiety.
Stop the overwhelm
Meditation clears your mind from thoughts that run in a loop and creates space for creative productive thoughts. You start thinking smarter.
Slow down ageing
Those who meditate for a long have longer telomeres, the parts of chromosomes that affect aging.
Sleep better
When done before bedtime, meditation may help reduce insomnia and sleep troubles by promoting overall calmness.
Boost your immune system
Meditation improves your health 1. Supports your immune system, 2. Decreases your reaction to pain 3. Lowers inflammation on a cellular level
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