Work with me
  • Magic meditations library here - feel at home inside yourself
    Monthly or yearly membership of self-paced 20 to 44 meditation practices 15 to 40 minutes long, with monthly Full moon support meditations on Zoom
  • Meditation for your team here
    to support your team in reducing stress, increasing creativity and opening up to better collaboration
  • Order a custom meditation experience here
    for individuals, couple and groups of people
    your fill out the questionnaire and I create a practice for your own purpose
    example - to feel a particular feeling or state, a birthday gift, to live a trauma in safe space, to
  • Private retreat
    I will create a 2 to 4 day customised retreat experience for 1 to 4 people starting at $2500, in Europe. Please reach out to with your request to get a quote.
  • Coaching - book here
    one to one session to create your particular result
  • Купити книжку Секс-тревел-блог
    Якщо вважаєш, що задоволення повинно бути нормалізоване.
    і трішки хочеш втекти від реальності в любов.
  • Медитуй українською

    заповни свій імейл і отримай безоплатну медитацію

Contact me if you want to get coached
Phone: +38 098 311 96 39